Sunday, October 19, 2014

Please Help a Saudi Transgender Refugee

My friend Amira, a 19 years old trans woman, needs your help. Amira was born in Saudi Arabia and moved with her family between Saudi Arabia and Egypt. She was born in a family that didn't accept her as the person she is, and tried with all their might to change her into the person they and their society destined for her to become. They even forced her to take male hormones for a period of time. At school, she was bullied and sexually assaulted because her body looked different than boys, so she couldn't attend school regularly.

She started to secretly visit a doctor who illegally offered therapy and prescribes medication to transgender people, and dressing as a girl. When her father coincidentally saw her dressed as a girl, he hit her, but what I admire about Amira is that she didn't live a double life, but fought for her right to live as the person she is, and though I cannot experience her same experience, I know how oppressive systems fight and torture an individual till they wipe away her identity and make her into a sheep in a herd, and how this struggle manifests in every outfit, every movement, every expression, every thought, which is a reason why transgender rights is one of the causes I care about the most.

Amira's family and society didn't accept her both because her transsexualism defies the gender binary system, and because they prefer boys to girls. Her father once told her that it surprised him how she wants to become something less.

She became active in advocating for LGBT rights and shared her story on various social media, and openly stated that she is an Ex-Muslim, which fueled hate towards her by both people in her circles and strangers. She got many threats on social media and on phone, got called for an investigation in Saudi Arabia, got beaten several times in Egypt, and had people waiting under her building to hit her when she goes out, and every time she went out she risked getting arrested in a country where government launches campaigns to arrest LGBT people to gain the support of the conservative citizens, so she tried to escape to a safer place.

She's now temporarily residing in a country where she is a safer, but still a target for discrimination and hate crimes and where she doesn't have a chance to work or continue her education.
Her friends try to send her money, but we cannot send her enough money and she gets warned that she will be thrown out if she doesn't pay the rent for the room she rents with other people in a family house on time and starves for many days. She suffers from anxiety about survival and about her future, having to stop her therapy because she doesn't have enough money, having no supportive family, but a family which some of it's members threaten to kill her, and living away from home and friends.

Here's a video of her telling her story


Please help her pay rent, buy food and basic needs till she travels to a place where she has better chances by donating any amount you can to this Paypal account: and sharing this post. To send money via Paypal, use this link:

I can't write all information in public for her safety, but if you have any questions, feel free to email me on: